Strengthen . Align . Lengthen . Tone

Salt Pilates Studio

Strengthen . Align . Lengthen . Tone



We are a boutique, contemporary Pilates studio focused on small group Reformer Pilates and Private Training. All classes provide a variety of functional movements, with exercises to strengthen, align, lengthen and tone your body, leaving you feeling energised. 

With a butt load of experience, our dedicated instructors are consistently delivering innovative and educational classes. Our studio is filled with natural light, creating a fresh and modern space. We have created an environment which feels welcoming and inclusive.


Strengthen . Align . Lengthen . Tone

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Bec Hopkins

Bachelor (Hons) Applied Sport and Exercise Science, Diploma of Clinical Pilates, Pre and Post Natal

Originally from Scotland, I moved to Melbourne and fell in love with the city and Pilates! I have always been passionate about sport, which drove me to study Sport & Exercise Science at University. I majored in performance analysis and biomechanics, giving me a strong understanding of how the body moves and functions. When I moved to Melbourne I came across the dynamic style of Reformer Pilates and instantly became obsessed! Over the last few years I have developed my learning with clinical Pilates allowing me to work in more depth with injuries.  

I thrive on assisting clients to build their strength, control, coordination and body awareness. I believe that Pilates is for everyone, not only benefitting your body physically, but also your mental wellbeing. I'm known for a killer glute workout. Prepare to sweat, burn and make crazy faces! 

Opening my own studio has always been a dream of mine and I am extremely happy to share Salt with you all!


Classes & Pricing

We open our doors to everybody. No matter your age,level of fitness or experience, we have a class to suit everyone!