Strengthen . Align . Lengthen . Tone

Salt Pilates Studio

Strengthen . Align . Lengthen . Tone



We are a boutique, contemporary Pilates studio focused on small group Reformer Pilates and Private Training. All classes provide a variety of functional movements, with exercises to strengthen, align, lengthen and tone your body, leaving you feeling energised. 

With a butt load of experience, our dedicated instructors are consistently delivering innovative and educational classes. Our studio is filled with natural light, creating a fresh and modern space. We have created an environment which feels welcoming and inclusive.


Strengthen . Align . Lengthen . Tone

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The Team

Bec Hopkins

Bachelor (Hons) Applied Sport and Exercise Science, Diploma of Clinical Pilates, Pre and Post Natal

Originally from Scotland, I moved to Melbourne and fell in love with the city and Pilates! I have always been passionate about sport, which drove me to study Sport & Exercise Science at University. I majored in performance analysis and biomechanics, giving me a strong understanding of how the body moves and functions. When I moved to Melbourne I came across the dynamic style of Reformer Pilates and instantly became obsessed! Over the last few years I have developed my learning with clinical Pilates allowing me to work in more depth with injuries.  

I thrive on assisting clients to build their strength, control, coordination and body awareness. I believe that Pilates is for everyone, not only benefitting your body physically, but also your mental wellbeing. I'm known for a killer glute workout. Prepare to sweat, burn and make crazy faces! 

Opening my own studio has always been a dream of mine and I am extremely happy to share Salt with you all!


Jemma Smith

I turned to Pilates as a form of exercise 7 years ago after some consistent issues with my knee & shoulders making it difficult to run and participate in strength training. It didn't take long, after a few weeks of Pilates I was hooked; it made me feel strong and able, something I never felt before with any other training. I fell in love with Pilates and the confidence that it gave me, so I decided to turn my passion into my career!

I love getting to know the clients, and having an positive impact on their lives. Helping people move fearlessly and watching them progress with their strength and in their ability, is my favourite part of teaching. I can't wait to share the joy that Pilates can bring!


Alexandra cornish


Alicia Attwood

Hi, I'm Alicia! I come from a performing arts background in dancing, acting and singing and have performed professional on and off for the past 10 years in musical theatre and tv. I have personally been practising Pilates for the past 10 years and couldn't live without it! It has helped me enormously to have a healthy body and mind and coming from a dancing background has been vital for my strength, posture and alignment; in particular my rehabilitation when injury does occur. 

In my classes I am passionate about peoples bodies and thrive to assist clients to improve posture, strength and technique so they can have a healthy lifestyle! I look forward to seeing you in class!


Classes & Pricing

We open our doors to everybody. No matter your age,level of fitness or experience, we have a class to suit everyone!