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Reformer Pilates

We open our doors to everybody. No matter your age, level of fitness or experience, we have a range of classes to suit everyone!

All classes are 45 minutes.



Beginner Level

Entry level class. Our Align class is designed for the beginner to become familiar with the equipment and learn the foundation Pilates exercises. With a high level of focus on alignment and posture, these classes are educational targeting clients who are new to reformer Pilates or who want to take it at a slower pace.

*Suitable for recovering injuries and post natal clients.


Tone & Flow

Intermediate Level

Tone & Flow builds on the foundations developed in our Align class. You will flow through a more challenging series of exercises, using props and creating some cardio elements with minimal rest period. These classes incorporate functional movement patterns to strengthen, tone and balance your body to improve posture and prevent injury.

*Not suitable for clients recovering from injuries or pregnancy.


Dynamic Flow

Intermediate/Advanced Level

This class will challenge the more experienced clients. An intense workout focusing on advanced exercises with fast-paced, continuous and flowing movements. Dynamic Flow will challenge your strength, endurance and fitness levels. Prepare to sweat, shake and burn!

*Not suitable for clients recovering from injuries or pregnancy.


Reformer Jump

Intermediate Level

Jump classes require a strong cardio element. It is a fun, yet challenging class using Reformer Jump Boards to build cardio strength and endurance. If you want to get your heart rate up, work those legs to fatigue and get a full body endurance workout, this class is for you!

*Not suitable for clients recovering from injuries or pregnancy.


Pilates Sweat

Intermediate Level

Pilates Sweat is a High Intensity Circuit style class. Stations are timed and each member utilises a number of Pilates Reformer machines , mixed with Pilates mat exercises and cardiovascular stations. This type of training is aimed at increasing your Heart Rate causing positive physiological effects on the body. There is a maximum of 16 participants who make an incredibly fun, motivating, upbeat and positive workout environment with a strong familial vibe.

*Not suitable for clients recovering from injuries or pregnancy.

Mums & Bubs

A class tailored for recently new mums and mums to be. No need for a babysitter because you can bring your baby to class! This smaller sized class will improve strength and mobility. Focusing on improving posture, strengthening glutes and abdominal muscles. This class works through basic exercises at a slower pace. 

*Babies must be in a capsule. Feel free to bring play mats and toys!

* All mums must be able to provide a doctors note before attending class. 

** This class is subject to demand







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