5 things we are doing to stay motivated during lockdown 2.0 in Melbourne 

Now more than ever our physical and mental health is so important. Everyone has been impacted in some shape or form from COVID-19 and just as everywhere else in the world seems to be opening, Melbourne is back in lockdown and we are feeling pretty defeated.  

1. Set your alarm daily – For me routine is key! Waking up at the same time each day makes a big difference. It gives you a purpose. I personally love exercising in the morning so I set my alarm to get up to workout. 

2. Exercise – Moving your body is the best medicine. It is amazing how getting your heart rate up and working up a sweat can boost your mood. A simple 20-30 minute workout is all you need to feel more energised. There are so many at-home workout options out there to choose from. We have created our very own virtual studio filled with pre-recorded Pilates workouts ranging from a quick 10 minutes – 40 minutes from all of your favourite instructors at Salt. You can workout in your own time from anywhere in the world! Or, if you need a little more structure to your fitness routine, we also have LIVE classes every weekday where we will take you through a class live on zoom. Join us for our 14 Day RESET Challenge starting Saturday 1st August.    

3. Clean and declutter your space – A clean and organised space can really uplift your mental state. Do a big clear out! If you are like me and have previously been a shopaholic, you will have a lot of clothes that either don’t fit anymore or have gone out of fashion and you don’t wear them. Get rid! They are taking up unnecessary space. Find them a better home either by gifting them to friends or handing them in to a charity shop. Working from home also has its challenges, especially if you don’t have a separate designated study. Make sure at the end of each day you tidy up your work space, especially if you are working from the kitchen table. Turn your computer off, put your notebooks away and create that “living” space again. 

4. Get some Vitamin D – This is my personal MUST! Go out for a walk or a run, whether thats a quick walk to the coffee shop, or with a friend, it is so important to get outside and get some sunshine and fresh air. I have never been a runner, but during isolation I have began to enjoy running more and more. Don’t forget your mask and remember to maintain 1.5m from others! 

5. Bed time routine – Go to bed at the same time each night (again I love routine)! I personally aim to be in bed around 9pm during the week and get lost in a good book. Reading is a great escape from the real world and is a good distraction from what is going on. If reading isn’t your thing, then I also love some soundscape meditations from the Calm App. 

If you are struggling through lockdown 2.0 don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team can help you with that little bit of extra motivation! Don’t forget our RESET Challenge starting on Saturday 1st August. Sign up through our “Salt Pilates Studio” App or online