1) What is your favourite Pilates exercise?


My Favorite exercise would have to be lunges! There are so many different variations that you can add on including arm and leg variations and they can really get that burn on! 



2) What do you never leave home without?


I never leave home without lip balm and my water bottle



3) What’s on your food shopping list?


I generally eat very healthy so lots of leafy veggies, salads, proteins, fruit. Favourite foods would have to be sweet potato, avo and mushrooms. I also love chocolate. So its a very healthy trolley then chocolate and chips are always thrown in there last minute 🙂 



4) If you had a theme song what would it be?


Hmmm this is a tough one – I love musical theatre so I guess at the moment my favourite go to is ‘This is Me’ from the greatest showman. I love to sing so bust that out to feel good about myself or inspired. 



5) What is your favourite quote? 


I don’t really have a favourite quote but more love mantras. Setting mantras for the day ie. feeling present, acceptance, forgiveness, love etc. I feel this make me more present in the day and tends to show me gratitude in my life.